10 best Android horror games for a good scare

Just a few years ago, horror wasn’t the most popular genre for mobile gaming. The genre has seen a revival in recent years, and is now much more popular. Horror games can take elements from many other genres. Many mobile games include elements of action, shooting (FPS), arcade, and adventure. Since the Five Nights at Freddy’s jump scares, we’ve come a long ways. These are the top horror games for Android.


Mobile Dead by Daylight

Price:Play for free

Dead by Daylight Mobile can be a very enjoyable game. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer PVP game in which four players battle it out with one player. Solo players are monsters with special abilities that give them an advantage over their opponents. Every update brings new balance changes and other improvements to the game. Nothing stays the same long. Solid mechanics and controls for movement are also provided. It can occasionally experience server issues and may not run well on low-end devices.

Dead Effect 2

Price:Play for free

Dead Effect 2 is a scary sci-fi shooter. You can play one of three characters. Your goal is to get better, defeat bad guys, and level up. You will find a lot of bad aliens and dark corridors. There is also a 20-hour campaign mode. They are quite impressive on their own. They do however get an extra boost if you use the Nvidia Shield device. This is not what you would expect from horror games. It’s a horror shooter, but it’s not as close as you can get on mobile.

Distraint: Deluxe Edition

Price:Get up to $4.49 for free

Distraint is one the newest horror games. It has simple graphics and a hand-drawn premise. You should learn the controls quickly as they are simple. It doesn’t rely on traditional horror elements such as jump scares. It tries to scare you with its storyline. It is actually a psychological horror video game. The game is quite short, so you can finish it in just a few hours. Although the Deluxe Edition is slightly more expensive than its regular counterpart, it comes with a lot of extras. Distraint: If you have Google Play Pass, the Deluxe Edition is free.


Price:Get up to $4.99 off your order

Eyes is a good horror escape game. To explore a mansion, you must break in and get chased by a monster. There are multiple levels to unlock, several game modes, offline support and global leaderboards via Google Play Games. Everything worked well and the controls are excellent. Although it wasn’t scary, we found it to be quite fun. Eyes is also free via Google Play Pass if you have it.Eyes screenshot 2020

Five Nights at Freddy’s series

Price:$2.99 per unit

Five Nights at Freddy’s horror games are very popular. They use the classic jump scare. It is your job to find a place where you can watch out for living robots. They will try to kill you. If you survive, you win the game. There’s also plenty of story and lore. YouTube has a lot of these games so you can find plenty to watch. There are many games to choose from. There are many different mechanics between games. The core concept remains the same. Each game costs $2.99. Even though the games aren’t as popular as they once were, the series still has a loyal fan base.


Fran Bow series


Fran Bow is yet another horror game. Each game represents a different chapter of the story. Fran Bow breaks with convention by giving each chapter its own downloadable title. You must self-medicate to enter an alternate universe. It is a puzzle game. It’s a very creepy story. Overall, it’s a decent series. Each game costs $1.96 and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

Into the Dead 2

Price:Play for free

Into the Dead 2 is the newest in a long-running series of horror games. It is an endless runner. You must survive as long as possible. You can also play the story mode, which features multiple endings and weapon and ammunition perks. It also features more game play mechanics that its predecessor. It’s therefore the one we recommend. Although the first Into the Dead is still quite good, it’s not as great as the second. Both horror games can be downloaded for free.

Thimbleweed Park


Thimbleweed Park is an Noir thriller with horror elements. Thimbleweed Park is home to 80 insane residents. You also have to deal with a corpse. You are responsible for finding answers to all sorts of strange happenings in the town. Five characters are available to play, with jokes and two difficulty levels. There is also a hint system. Although it isn’t scary, this one has many of the same elements found in horror games. It’s like a Bruce Campbell movie. Although it’s not frightening, you can still see them on Halloween. Thimbleweed Park can be accessed free of charge via Google Play Pass.

Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th

Price:No cost

Blue Wizard Digital has two horror, puzzle and gore games, Friday the 13th and Slayaway Camp. Both games have similar controls and graphics. There are many puzzles to solve, as well as ways to see a lot of blood. However, you must enable gore mode. Slayaway Camp has 140 levels, and Friday the 13th has over 100. This should provide enough challenge to keep you busy for quite a while. These are among the most popular mobile horror games. Slayaway Camp is only $2.99. Friday, the 13th, is available for free download. In-app purchases are allowed up to $9.99.

The Walking Dead Telltale series

Price:No cost

The Walking Dead is a horror game series that Telltale Games created. These horror games are based on the comic book series and the TV show of the identical name. Each game will have five episodes. You’ll need to complete the storyline and survive the crazy people and zombie hoard. The franchise has four games. All four games have elements of adventure and puzzle. While they can be a bit creepy at times, they are mostly entertaining. These games are no longer under Telltale Games’ control. Below is a link to the first game. For the other games, you will need to search Google Play.

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