10 best college apps for Android

College can be a very important period in your life. You will learn many new things. You’re supposed to. Many sites that offer college apps lists will direct you to sign up for Spotify or Twitter because of their discount. We think that you already know this stuff. We’re going take a look at some apps that can help you learn more. These are the top college apps for Android.


Adobe apps

Price:Monthly Freebie – $52.99 /

Adobe offers a variety of powerful apps. All of these apps are great for college students. This includes Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro as well as After Effects, Audition, Audition, Lightroom and After Effects. The mobile apps are quite powerful and Lightroom and Premiere Rush can compete in their respective categories. If you need cross-platform support, they can plug into the desktop version. Students receive a huge discount on Adobe software if they are enrolled in college. The entire software package usually costs $52.99 per monthly. It’s $19.99 per month for students and teachers. This is a great deal.


Price:Prices for books and free services vary

BookScouter allows you to sell and buy used textbooks. As you all know, textbooks can be quite costly. A gently used copy of the textbook can be a great way to save money throughout your college career. You can scan your IBSN using the app or manually enter it. You can then search for books for sale that you have scanned, to find out if they are available for less. It compares 30 vendors to help you find what you are looking for. Textbook 101 (Google Play), offers similar functionality if you’re interested in trying it.

This app is a great option for college students. You can also take online courses at a number of colleges. Harvard University, MIT and UC Berkeley are just a few of the colleges. It can be stressful to increase your workload. The courses can enhance what you already know and help to broaden your perspective. This is one of the best college apps. You can also use it for summer study if you need to refresh your knowledge before next year.

Flashcards App

Price:2.99 / Free

Flashcards app is exactly what its name suggests. You can create flashcards. This is an indispensable study tool. This is especially useful for learning complex words and phrases, as well as other study methods. You can download and create 50 flashcards in the free version. To create the rest, you’ll need to pay $2.49 It’s easy to use and the interface is simple. is another great flashcards app.Flashcards App screenshot 2020

Google Drive

Price:Monthly Free Service – $1.99-$99.99

Google Drive Suite is a powerful suite of college apps. Google Drive gives you cloud storage. You can also get a complete office suite that includes Google Docs Sheets and Slides. You can also use Google Keep to take voice, text, and photo notes. All of this is tied to your Google account. It offers a complete set of collaboration tools, which is very useful for group projects. It supports Microsoft Office documents. Free 15GB. For 100GB, you can pay $1.99 per monthly. That should be more than enough for any college student and most can get away with the 15GB for free.Google Drive screenshot 2020

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Price:Free Delivery / $3.49

The Hi-Q MP3 voice recorder is as good as any in voice recording. You can use it for recording voice notes or lectures. It can record to MP3 format. It can be used on any piece of hardware. You can also use the widget to quickly record, Dropbox support, and 320kbps recording (high quality MP3). External microphones can be used if necessary. The paid version allows you to record ten-minute clips. It’s one of the must-try college apps.Hi-Q Voice Recorder is one of the best college apps for android


Price:Free Delivery / $3.49

LectureNotes is a great college app for a long period. You can draw on it with the note-taking interface. It allows you to attach images from your smartphone’s camera, record lectures in audio and video formats (requires LectureRecordings or LectureVideos plugins), as well as re-arrange notebook page layouts for better organization. Your notes can be exported to Evernote, OneNote or PDF. It is powerful and you can do a lot with it. Try the free trial. The trial version is free and you can decide if you want to pay $3.49 later.

Microsoft Office 365 Education

Price:No cost

Microsoft offers many college apps that students can use for free. One of these apps is a subscription to Microsoft Office 365. You just need to enter your school email address to get Microsoft Word and Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. You can collaborate with other students by using the service. The service should be available to everyone who has an email address that is school-specific and is at least thirteen years old. Google Drive is free for everyone, even the worst case scenario. To sign up, click the button to the right to visit Microsoft’s website. Simply search for Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Google Play!


Price:Annually, free / $27.99

TickTick can be used as a powerful to-do app. It allows you to keep track of all your tasks, class schedules, homework assignments, and other non-college stuff. There are many to-do lists apps. We like this one, as it offers more features than the paid version. This includes push notifications which is a feature often found in high-end competitors. It’s simple, clean, and allows you to set up recurring tasks. This way, you can organise your life according to your needs. We promise it is great. The only real drawback is the free version limits you to two reminders per task, but most other to-do list apps make you pay for that feature entirely and that’s why we recommend TickTick.TickTick screenshot 2021



WolframAlpha is one the most powerful mobile education tools. You can choose from a variety of subjects and it covers them all. This includes history, math, physics, chemistry, geology, and many other difficult subjects. It is primarily for higher education, making it ideal for college. Although it occasionally has connection issues, the app is otherwise solid. The app is also cheap at $2.99 with no additional in-app purchases or advertisements.Wolfram Alpha is one of the best college apps for android

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