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It can be difficult to start investing. Investing is basically the act where you put your money in a thing with an intention to make more from it. There are many ways to do this, including the stock market, mutual funds and investment bonds. Intelligent investors can earn supplemental income and retire one day. They also have the ability to take full control of their finances. These are the top Android investment apps.

This list is intended for US residents only, as that’s where most of our readers live. Many of these apps can be downloaded by people from other countries. This article does not contain any financial advice. This article is intended for informational purposes only.

These are the best Android investment apps

AcornsAcorns screenshot 2021

Acorns is a great investment app for beginners. It keeps track of all transactions and rounds up each purchase to the nearest dollar. Then, it uses the cents to invest your money. Over a long time, you can accumulate decent amounts of money. The app is completely free for college students, and it charges a very low fee for students who are not in college. Acorns also includes CNBC coverage, a rewards program, and some other stuff to help you get started with investing.Google App screenshot 2020

Knowledge is power, and knowledge in investing matters more than anything. Google Search is your best friend in such instances. With a push of a button, you can search for companies and find SEC filings. Google Search has integrated support for stocks. Simply search for the symbol to see the most recent prices. This is a great one for active investors, rather than passive. Learning quickly can make the difference between making a profit and losing it.

RedditReddit screenshot 2020 2

Price:Free / $3.99/month / $29.99/year

Reddit is another great place to invest for many reasons. You can find subreddits on personal finance, stock market, or other topics. It is easy to go in and ask questions, receive answers, as well as learn about investment. Many brokerages and investment companies have subreddits that allow customers to interact, ask questions, or find out about the tools they use. Although we don’t recommend Reddit as a place to get financial advice, it is a great way for learning from others.

Robinhood and WebullRobinhood screenshot 2021 2

Robinhood (linked at the button) and Webull (Google Play) are brokerages that let you trade stocks on the stock market. Robinhood is more user-friendly than Webull, while Webull is a bit more stable. Both apps allow you to deposit money, trade stocks and withdraw money when your time is up. Trade options and cryptocurrency are also available, which is a rare feature in the brokerage industry. These all-in-one, user-friendly solutions are often dismissed as a joke in the quest to gamify the stock market. They are easy to use. Both are great for getting your feet wet in the stock market.

Robo-Advisor apps like FidelityFidelity screenshot

Robo-Advisors are a great way to invest your money. These services use an automated, algorithm-driven system to invest your money. This feature is available at a number of brokerages. Fidelity (linked right at the button), Vanguard(Google Play), M1 Finance (Google Play) are some of the best. You can also manually trade stocks with these apps to see if your bot advisor can be beat. Fees, minimum requirements and other details will vary between brokerages. Fidelity is one of the most popular services. They allow you to trade stocks, buy mutual fund, set up 401k plans and many other things. These services are great for all-in-one investments.

Price:Free (usually)/ Variable

Mobile brokerages used to be terrible experiences. Robinhood was popularized because of this. However, brokerages have made their UIs simpler, made trading tools easier to use, and reduced their costs. Some examples of traditional brokerages include TD Ameritrade (linked at the button), E*Trade (Google Play), and others. Brokerages allow you to trade in the stock exchange, but also let you manage your mutual funds and 401k. Before you sign up for a brokerage account, make sure it has all the necessary features. This will ensure that you have everything you need.


Price:Free / $5.99/month / $21.99/year / $49.99 Once

It is important to have enough money to invest in order to make investing a viable option. Wallet is a useful tool to help you do this. Wallet can be used to manage your money and plan for the future. You connect your bank accounts and see where your money is going. Then you can decide to make some changes to increase your investment potential. You can’t invest money with Wallet or similar apps. The more money you invest, however, the greater your chances of gaining. Although financial management can be boring, it is an essential part of investing.

WealthfrontWealthfront screenshot 2021 2

Wealthfront works in a similar way to Acorns. You can put money into this account manually to have the service automatically invest for you. Wealthfront offers two options. You have two options: either you can buy a portfolio from someone else or create one. Wealthfront handles all the trading for you so that your money can grow. This one is our favorite because it links all your bank accounts, so you can view all your finances from one app. This gives you more control to make better financial decisions.

Yahoo Finance (and similar apps)Yahoo Finance screenshot 2020

Yahoo Finance is a great app for beginners to invest. You can’t trade or invest money through it. It is a great place to check the stock market, see the latest news and review historical trends. You can also link your brokerage accounts to Yahoo Finance, so you don’t have to open multiple apps to view everything. Although there are occasional bugs, the app is very reliable and I haven’t been affected by any major issues in my two-years of usage. This app is especially recommended to Robinhood users. Robinhood’s stock news feed can be somewhat lacking in detail, and Yahoo Finance enhances this experience. You have other options, such as or others. Yahoo Finance is more than adequate.

YouTubeYouTube screenshot 2021

Price:12.99 – Free

YouTube is an important tool for investing. YouTube has thousands of video creators who make tons of videos on different types of investing. Learn about 401k plans, mutual funds, and other topics. watched this series to learn how stock options work. These videos can answer basic questions faster than any other source. Many people make guesses about the stock market’s prices, but we recommend being cautious when you view them. This is a great place to start learning about investing and to make decisions on how to proceed.

Bonus: Investing games

You can invest fake money in real stock markets by playing a variety of Google Play Store games. This is not a way to make any money. These games are great educational tools that allow you to move around and learn about how things work, without having to lose any money. There are many games like these, but the most popular ones include Investr (linked at button), Learn by MyWallSt(Google Play), Wealthbase (Google Play). The same thing happens in all three of these games. You are given fake money to invest in stock market stocks, but the game actually uses real data. These games are great for beginners but advanced investors don’t likely need them.


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