10 best office apps for Android to get work done

For many years, Office apps have been an important tool for productivity. They are used for many purposes including creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and keeping track of what’s happening. They are essential for any productivity suite and almost everyone uses them, even children.

In the past few years, there has been very little change in the office suite environment. Although existing apps have seen improvements over the years, it is still difficult to replace the leaders in the office space. This is a complex ecosystem because a great office experience requires spreadsheets and writing apps, as well as presentations. It is difficult enough to create a great app for one of these things. These are the top Android office apps. If you need to see your options at a finer level, we have separate lists of word and spreadsheet apps.

AndrOpen Office

Price:No cost

AndrOpen Office, the Android port of OpenOffice is the first. The full suite of Office apps is included, including a word processor and a spreadsheet function. A drawing app is included, as well as an equation editor for your spreadseets. It’s not much to discuss. It supports all file types that you might encounter in your daily life, as well as many niche file types. The processors and editors are powerful enough to handle most things. It’s completely open-source and free. It supports cloud storage for Google Drive, and Dropbox as well as OneDrive and your personal hardware, if you have it. Even though there are some bugs, it’s still a strong option.

Docs to Go

Price:No Charge / Maximum of $14.99

Docs to Go, an older app, has been around for a while. It’s still getting new features and updates. It includes the essentials, including word processing, spreadsheet editing and presentation editing. These things are easy to do without much setup. Paid versions unlock password-protected files, save to and load from cloud storage sites, file syncing with your computer, and allow you to lock files. Although it isn’t perfect in all situations, it’s one the most reliable office apps.

Google Drive

Price:Monthly Free Service – $1.99-$299.99

Our readers love Google Drive. You can access a variety of office apps from it, including PDF Viewer and Google Docs. The hub is Drive services. It is a cloud storage service that allows you to view and make new files. Any document you open in Google Drive will open the appropriate app. It’s completely free, unless you want to increase your Google Drive space. Plans start at 99 per month for 100GB and go up to 10TB for 99.99 per month. This is an excellent all-in-one solution for most simpler use cases.Google Drive screenshot 2020

Microsoft Office

Price:Monthly Free Service – $6.99-$9.99

Microsoft took its sweetest time publishing its mobile office apps. These apps quickly became the top-rated. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available for free. You don’t have to pay anything for most of their functionality. You can open and save files and use many of the editing tools. These files can be synced to your OneDrive account. An Office 365 subscription will unlock additional features. However, it’s not necessary for the basics.Microsoft Word screenshot for the best resume builder apps for android

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Price:No cost

Microsoft Remote Desktop does exactly what its name suggests. Remote control of your Microsoft PC can be done from your smartphone. It is not difficult to set up. First, prepare your computer for remote access. Then connect the app to it. After that, you are free to do whatever you like. This includes accessing your office software from your computer. Although it’s an odd workaround, it is completely legal. Chrome Remote Desktop, another great app, does the exact same thing. Microsoft Remote Desktop is not yet compatible with Chromebooks, but we will be updating it in the future. Microsoft recently retired the previous version of this, so we’ve updated the link to the new one.Microsoft Remote Desktop screenshot 2021


Price:Free, $19.99-$29.99

OfficeSuite has been a favorite of many for a long time. Since its inception, the app has seen a lot of changes. The developers are currently transitioning the suite to something more like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. This way, they can add cloud storage to the office environment. The free version includes most of the essential features, which is good news. The paid version includes PDF scanning, a Microsoft font pack, spell checker, and additional document support. It is one of the best office apps. It’s also one of the most expensive. Pro version starts at $19.99, while the upgraded pro version costs $29.99. Both versions are available as single payments and do not require subscriptions.

Polaris Office

Price:Free / $3.99/month / $5.99/month

Polaris Office looks a lot like OfficeSuite. It was a simple, good-looking office suite. The app isn’t as simple or compact anymore. The app has a lot of features. It includes the basics, note taking, document search, encrypted files and support for different formats. This includes Microsoft and PDF documents. If you are able to bear the annoying ads, then the free version can be used. Subscriptions are available for $3.99 or $5.99 per month. This subscription gives you extra features such as the ability to use it across more than three devices and additional cloud storage. Although the subscription model isn’t ideal, the free version works well for basic stuff provided you don’t mind ads.

Quip is among the newest office apps on our list. It is also one of the few available for free. It offers a decent, but limited set of features. This includes the ability to share documents with others. You can also use the chat to communicate with people while you edit documents. It also offers support for spreadsheets and cross-device sync, offline support, as well as various exporting options. It also supports cloud storage. Quip isn’t as popular as many other office apps but it’s still a great choice.

Smart Office 2 is another rare office app that’s free. It used to be expensive. They decided to give it away for free at one point. It includes all the essential features you would expect, such as support for word processing and spreadsheets. It supports Microsoft Office documents up to 2013 and beyond. It can be used to view and save PDF files, images, WMF and EMF files. It is simple and clean. This is a great option for people who don’t have much.

WPS Office and PDF

Price:29.99 USD / Free for a Year

WPS Office used to be known as Kingsoft Office. It is still one of the most widely used office apps on Android, despite the name change. You can view and convert PDFs, do basic stuff like creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and many more. You can also print wirelessly, use Microsoft file types and have support for 46 languages. WPS is one of the most popular free office apps. There is an optional subscription that includes things like cloud storage, but it’s not necessary if you use Google Drive or other solutions already.WPS Office screenshot 2021 1


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