The best health apps for Android

An iPhone 11 displays the Breath in, Breath out welcome sequence of the app Headspace.

Everyone has a desire to be healthy. A better health status can result in lower hospital bills, greater productivity, and more enjoyment. There are many apps available for smartphones and tablets that will help you live better, eat better, and exercise more often. The most useful apps are exercise apps, calorie counters and activity tracking apps. Let’s look at the top Android health apps! This one focuses on healthy eating. You will find more links to health-related apps in the article and just below.

These are the best Android health apps

FooducateFooducate screenshot 2020

Price:Free / $74.99/ $4.99 per Month

Fooducate is an excellent nutrition app. There are 250,000 food options to choose from. This service grades food for easy comparison. This allows you to easily distinguish the good from the bad. You can also track your exercise and food intake. You can also get food suggestions and interact with other people. Some features of the app can be downloaded for free. To access all features, you need to upgrade to pro. Fooducate fails to list its prices for products. You pay $4.99 per month for a single purchase of $74.99. You can also purchase other products.

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HeadspaceHeadspace screenshot 2021

Price:12.99 / Free per Month

Headspace is a meditation application. Mental health is also important! Headspace offers guided meditations, SOS sessions to calm your nerves, and a variety of programs that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. You will even get a notification to help you relax and take a deep breath. This feature was a favorite of ours. Although the pro version is more expensive, it offers many more features. There are many other excellent meditation apps, including Calm, Let’s Meditate and Prana Breath. A complete list is also available at the end of the article.

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Home Workout

Home Workout is a great health app for beginners. You can choose from a variety of exercises that you can do at your home without any equipment. The only thing that stands between you and your first workout is the download button and some extra time in your day. You can also do warm-ups and stretching, weight training, strength train, and many other things. Charts, videos, animation guides, and other tracking are also available. This is a great option, especially for those who don’t have the budget to buy expensive exercise equipment. Leap Fitness is the developer. They also offer apps for water reminders and period tracking.

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LifesumLifesum screenshot 2020

Price:Free / $3.99-$6.99/month / $44.99/year

Lifesum, another app that integrates diet and exercise, is also available. You don’t have to remember every detail of every meal. It provides basic guidelines that you can follow. It asks you for information such as your weight, height, gender, fitness goals, and gender. From this information, the app provides personalized recommendations to each user. You can also use the app to track micronutrients for people who have special diets. All users can access the food and exercise tracking, as well as some social features. All other features require a subscription. Lifesum subscriptions must be paid upfront for 3-6, 6 or 12 months. It is one of the best health apps.

MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal stock image 5

Price:Free / $9.99/month / $49.99/year

MyFitnessPal, one of the most widely used health apps, is a great choice. It is a great app for keeping your diet under control. It keeps a large list of food items. This allows you to keep track of all the food you eat. Its most important function is the ability to count calories. It can also be integrated with many other health and fitness apps. You can also choose from a variety of exercises, join a group, and see stats about your progress. Basic calorie counting is available in the free version. The rest of the features require a subscription.

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mySugrMySugr screenshot 2021

Price:2.99 / $27.99 / Yearly

MySugr is a great app for diabetics. You can track your blood sugar and estimate your HbA1c. Additionally, you can send your data directly to your doctor. It integrates with existing hardware such as Accu-Chek and Aviva Connect. It is very easy to use. After everything is set up, you can simply open the app and enter your numbers as needed. Premium subscriptions include PDF exporting, smart search functions, reminders, and PDF exporting. It is completely optional, and the basic app works perfectly. This is only one example of how an app can help manage a chronic illness. There are likely to be more options available for chronic diseases.

MyTherapyMyTherapy screenshot 2020

MyTherapy is a pill reminder application with some other features. It serves as a reminder for taking your medication. You can also log your confirmed medication intake and skips to ensure you don’t overdose. You can track your medication over time and share your data with your family. You can also track your diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. Although it isn’t perfect, it’s certainly among the best in its class.

TickTickTickTick screenshot 2020

Price:Monthly Free or $27.99

TickTick, a simple and excellent to-do app, is TickTick. This app is great for many things. This includes remembering your doctor’s appointments and taking your daily medication. It can be used for both work and personal tasks as well as things like grocery lists. Although the interface is simple, it can sometimes feel a bit bland. If you wish for other people to see your tasks and categories, they can also be shared with you. Although it isn’t a health app, it can be useful for those who need it. All features are included in the free version, as well as two reminders per task. Any more than that, and you’ll pay $29.99 per annum. Todoist and Microsoft To-Do, as well as and Google Calendar, are good to-do apps.

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Yoga Daily FitnessYoga Daily Fitness - best health apps for android

Yoga Daily Fitness is an easy-to-use yoga app. You can find a variety of poses and exercises that will increase flexibility and core strength. There are a few great daily routines that you can use to get started with this app. But, anyone serious about yoga should eventually move to better apps. This app is our first recommendation. It’s affordable (free at the time of writing), and great for beginners. For yoga lovers, Pocket Yoga, Yoga Studio and Down Dog are great apps. Because it is low-impact and can be done by people with all health conditions, we love recommending yoga apps.

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Your doctor’s app or websiteHealow screenshot 2020

Some professions are more difficult to adapt to changes than others. Most doctors have an app or website. The app or website can be used to check your bloodwork, test results, or even to message your doctor. We recommend that you only use this communication method to answer non-essential questions. It is easier to view your medical records online and keep track of what your doctor does than to call and ask. You can find a lot of apps that do this. Ask your doctor which one they use. These apps are generally quite reliable. It’s better than nothing if you have to go to a website.

Bonus: OEM health appsgoogle fit home screen 2

Many phone manufacturers offer health tracker apps. Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit are the most popular. Particularly, Google Fit and Samsung Health are very good. These apps keep track of steps and calories. Both apps can be integrated with Wear OS watches and smartwatches from Samsung. If you need them, they can help you set goals and track things such as your weight. These apps are often free and come preinstalled on all Samsung, Google, or other OEM phones. Google Fit is available for all Android devices.

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