The best music recognition apps for Android

It happens to everyone. It happens all the time. It’s now easier than ever to find a mystery song even if you have very little information. There are many apps that can help you with this task, as well as wildcards that might be more helpful depending on your needs. The topic is well-covered. Let’s identify music using the best music recognition apps available for Android.

These are the best music recognition apps available for Android

Beatfind Music Recognition

Price:No cost

Beatfind Music Recognition can be used to identify songs. If you are interested, it is powered by ACRCloud. It listens to what the song is playing and then tells you. It can link to YouTube or Deezer and take you to the song’s YouTube video. Although the UI is not impressive, it’s easy to use and simple. It also has fun features like a visualizer. It is completely free of ads, making it one the best free options in this area.

Chord AI

Price:Free or $9.99

Chord AI is an app that recognizes chords for stringed instruments. Although it is primarily for guitarists, it can also be used with other instruments. It will listen to your instrument and give you the chord. It works well and can even recognize complex chords like half-diminished and other such things. Although it is a niche program, it can recognize sound very well. You can also try Chord Tracker from Yamaha, All Chords at mv2 Studio or MyChord at Yallafactory. All of them work well.

Google Assistant and Search

Price:No cost

Google Search and Assistant are the two most used ways to find music. Google Search is an obvious choice. Simply type in the lyrics and the search bar will usually find the song you are looking for. Google Assistant can also be used to play a song. It will listen to the song and identify it. These functions are both available in the same app, so it’s a good deal to get two for one. You also get the additional functions of Assistant and Search. This is a great recommendation, unless you don’t need a personal assistant app. If that is the case, continue reading.


Price:Free/$16.99 per annum

Musixmatch is a popular mobile music recognition app. It can work with many sources and display lyrics over most music streaming services. You can search for lyrics and find them. You can also save them to your favorites so that you can return later. Wear OS is supported. Subscription service includes translation into dozens of languages, offline support, and much more. If you have music saved to your device, the app can also be used as a local music player. It is quite good at what it does, and can compete with Shazam or Google Assistant.


Price:Free / $1.99/month / $9.99/year

QuickLyrics can be used by people who know the lyrics to a song, but don’t want the lyrics. The app works by playing a song and then displaying the lyrics. It also scrolled through the lyrics while the song was playing in my testing. You can access offline lyrics with no subscription and the app can also identify music using your microphone, although not as well as the big dogs. It can be used with local music players such as BlackPlayer and PowerAmp. The buy buttons on the app did not work on my test phone so I am not certain how much it costs. I made an educated guess from the Play Store listing.


Price:No cost

Shazam is the most popular music recognition app. It works as you’d expect. Shazam will tell you the story of a song when you use the microphone. The app not only recognizes the song but can also follow the lyrics and add it to your Apple Music playlists. You can also watch the YouTube video of the song. Since its original release in 1995, the app has grown in size and functionality to do many other things. It is also completely free. The majority of complaints about this app are due to the app not correctly identifying songs sometimes.

Song Finder and Identifier

Price:No cost

Song Finder and the Identifier are a little gem in the rough. It isn’t very popular, and the name is somewhat bland. It worked well in my testing. It listens to the song and then links it to various streaming services. It works with ACRCloud, which is the same technology used by Beatfind Music Recognition. The performance should be similar. It all comes down to UI preferences and additional features. It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t always work, but it worked well in my testing.


Price:Free or $5.99

SoundHound is a music recognition app that was created by Shazam. It is a reliable and long-standing app. It is also one of few options that does not require a subscription. The app will listen to the song and identify it by simply tapping the orange button. The app keeps a record of all tracks that you have discovered, so it can be referred to in the future. You can also find new songs by new artists in the discovery section. A YouTube player is included so you can listen to the song immediately. It is simple to use, has few bugs and costs only one purchase for the premium version. This is what we like.

Most personal assistant apps

Price:No cost

The personal assistant space has one of the best features: the ability to ask Alexa what song is playing. If you are listening to music on your Amazon smart speaker, Alexa can ask you what song it is. Siri works in a similar manner. These are not available through Google Assistant, but we have separated them. Google Assistant is a more advanced version of this feature. Anyone can access their smart speaker to find out the music playing, and they can do it at any time.

Some music streaming sites

Price:Free / Variable

Music streaming services are gradually but surely entering the music recognition market. Although it’s not as useful as the other apps, it can still be very handy when you need it. Spotify’s advanced search allows you to input lyrics and other markers, which makes it easier to find songs that you recognize but don’t know their names. YouTube Music has limited success with lyrics, but I have had good luck finding songs by typing them in. However, it is sometimes necessary to look through many other songs before I find the song. It will show Dance Monkey by Tones and me if you type “dance for my oh oh” into the search box. While not all music streaming services offer contextual search, and it may give you incorrect answers sometimes, it’s an option.


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